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Solo Piano and / or Voice
Sometimes a simple single instrument is the perfect accompaniment for your wedding ceremony. The beauty of choosing solo piano is it's versatility. Select from the beautiful classic piano repertoire or choose any songs that suit the two of you and your family. Remember each wedding ceremony is a unique and joyous occasion. No request is too far-out. I have played the traditional Wedding March, I've Got a Crush On You and Star Trek's the Next Generation's theme as an example of some different ceremony ideas couples have brought to me.

Wherever I go, I bring my voice with me. I am always glad to sing any requests you may have either from the classical repertoire, popular music, ethnic choices or religious hymns. And, I'm very mobile!  I have a keyboard and amplifier that runs on batteries that I can bring to locations that might not have electric power ( such as the beach ).

Add another instrument to the piano for a lovely duo combination. Choose from violin, flute, cello, harp, trumpet , guitar or percussion. I work with several people from the Keys and also bring in players from the Florida mainland. Many of these musicians work with orchestras and symphonies.

Bach to Bossa Nova is a unique chamber trio of piano, cello and flute or violin. The repertoire is similar to a string quartet. This trio also has  repertoire of elegant Latin rhythms and fun jazz and popular music.

Other trio combinations are also possible.

Chamber ensembles of all sizes are possible and depend really on your budget.  Vocal ensembles are also available. Contact me to talk about your own music ideas.
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